Ladders & Stiles

Rail Exchange is more than grab irons. For more than 40 years, we’ve been supplying ladders and stiles to the industry for tank cars as well as one-step, two-, three-, four- and eight-step ladders for freight cars.

Buying an assembled ladder from Rail Exchange saves time and money. We do all the work. There’s no need to store material and invest in the labor it takes to put a ladder together. Let Rail Exchange do the work and ship the ladders to you, ready for installation.

We already manufacture grab irons, the primary component in any ladder assembly, so assembling ladders is a natural extension of our business.

  • Any configuration is possible with your blueprint.
  • All of our ladders feature either huck-bolted, riveted or peened bolted assemblies.
  • All ladders come primed to prevent surface-to-surface rust that occurs where two unprimed metal surfaces meet.