Mission Statement

At Rail Exchange, our Mission is to be recognized as the leader in the steel forging and fabrication industry. This leadership will be achieved by our continuing efforts to supply high quality, competitively priced products to our customers. We will achieve this by the 100% commitment from all employees to the Rail Exchange Total Quality Process.

The Rail Exchange Total Customer Satisfaction Pledge
Our customers support our organization and they are always our first concern. We believe that each customer, large or small, is important and deserves the very best in quality and service. We pledge to provide:

  • Immediate and knowledgeable response to our customers’ needs and requests
  • Open and consistent communication between our customers and our employees
  • Total dedication to excellence by all employees with management
  • Complete service on every level beginning with our well-trained professional sales staff and ending with the timely and accurate delivery of our quality products

The Rail Exchange Total Quality/Value Pledge
Through organization and efficiency we will constantly strive to provide quality products at the best price. We realize that our customer’s time and money is extremely important. We pledge to:

  • Accurately assess your needs and provide you with the products you need at a fair price
  • Provide high quality assurance standards
  • Utilize our experience and expertise in helping you purchase the right products at the right price, at the right time

The Rail Exchange Total Belief in Employees Pledge
We believe in our employees and through proper training, support and management techniques, each employee is extremely productive. All our employees want to make a positive contribution to the success of Rail Exchange, our customers, and thereby themselves. We pledge to:

  • Treat all employees with dignity and respect and to show genuine concern for their well-being
  • Provide a pleasant, creative and safe working environment
  • Place a high priority on promoting from within whenever possible

The Rail Exchange Total Profitability Pledge
Profitability is extremely important to us. It allows us to support and develop our most important resource-our employees. Total profitability can be achieved through proper management, efficiency and productivity. We pledge to:

  • Operate our business in a productive and efficient manner to produce profits; not by increasing price unnecessarily
  • Invest in new machinery, facilities and training so that we will stay abreast of changing technology to better serve our customers
  • Use our profits wisely, providing better service to our customers and a solid future for our employees

The Rail Exchange Total Integrity Pledge
We believe that honest and fair business practices will build our business and allow us to achieve our goals. We pledge to:

  • Conduct our business at all times in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations
  • Provide reliable products and information
  • Operate our business with the highest ethical and moral standards
  • Protect the environment in the conduct of our business
  • Be a responsible and active member of the communities in which we conduct business